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Windsor Duathlon a complete shambles

If you looking for Butterflies, flowers  and Unicorns please don’t read this one 🙂 its not pretty !

This morning was the long awaited inaugural Windsor Duathlon and it would be an understatement to say that I expected big things after all the hype.

Sue and I left home at 6:30 this morning aiming to arrive at the Great Windsor park at 07:30 a whole 90 minutes before the start so that we could grab breakfast and a coffee as well as check out the race village and generally chill out before the start.  We arrived to within 100mts of the park entrance only to find that they had stopped admitting cars, on first inspection we were told it was because only 1 chap was collecting the money (we had pre payed to park) but after 20 or so minutes no cars had moved and may people were just abandoning the wait and leaving, this went on for another hour before we managed to grab a parking marshal who said (and I shit you not) “Its rained this week so we cant use the car park”  “its fucking winter” I said !!!!! 80 minutes sat in a queue to travel 100m is not good especially coz the race was due to start in 10 minutes and we had no drinks or food as yet.

The marshal then told us the car park was closed and to drive 2 miles along to the next car park and walk back to him and the start, I kid you not we had to literally drive 2 miles away then walk back, they did delay the start by 30 minutes but eventually I had to leave Sue and cycle to the start area and book my bike into transition.

That was not before walking half a mile through nothing short of swampland 🙁 my shoes and bike were already filthy and when I got to transition it was worse, the whole area was just disgusting not a single pathway or matting of any kind just deep pivoted mud. There had been no attempt to make it professional or safe it was shocking.

Sadly this meant that after the runners had run and it was time to Cycle the roads were covered in mud, lots and lots of mud 🙁

Anyway, back to the race, the first 5k (3.1 miles) actually turned out to be 3.9 miles the last 1.5 of which were on muddy paths, honestly you could not make this stuff up !  but after a reasonable run (despite missing the start)  I ran into transition to collect my Aeroad. This was not my best transition haha it was about a 300m walk through mud to get to the mud covered tarmac LOL

Out on the bike and almost straight away I had to stop to clear the mud from my rear wheel. Mainly I might add because OI was worried about my bike but none the less it was awful. 2 laps quite hilly but fun and then as I came along the finish/start straight I was flying along with a couple TT bikes and some pillock rode out of transition straight into the fast lane ! I literally had to slow to a stop but hey ho I went on to finish the second lap faster and averaged about 20.6mph which I am very happy with given the very bad route which was far to concentrated with riders at quite a few places. I finished and once again started the slow walk into transition 🙂

The last run was the easiest once out of transition because we ran along the tarmac and back just a straight line out and back, again they screwed up the distance, I mean how hard can that one be !  Over the finish line and I collected my medal which is pretty and a bottle of water, £50 and no goodie bag 🙁 another nail in the Windsor Duathlon coffin……

I did get a lovely shout out from the Compare as I finished which did put a smile on my face.

I am aware that its only a race and worse things happen at sea but it was an expensive race and all these problems were avoidable but when all said and done I really enjoyed the cycling part of todays adventure.

Onwards and upwards to the next one 🙂


I was queuing for the start and they set the sprint off without me knowing haha so I was close to last starting! thankfully not finishing.