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When things don’t go to plan….but

Having spent the past few weeks getting my beautiful Canyon speedmax ready for the race season I had decided that Sunday 26th would be my first race of the year, 2 reasons, the first is my local P164 course and 2nd it was the first ever tt I did back last year on my Aeroad.

Anyway, after a horrific week 🙁 well slight exaggeration but I busted the frame on my Speedmax and one of my Zipps so I was without a race bike for yesterday.

Saturday was a bummer, so the food demons appeared in the shape of chocolate and beer and the race was the last thing on my mind. Anyway, Sunday sunday morning and decided to give it a go, To be fair I was not feeling great after the past 6 great weeks but all my own doing and I did not expect results on my road bike anyway.

So after checking in I went for a warm up ride and realised it was pretty windy still, met a few mates and before I could say “Canyon Aeroad” I was at the start, Sue grabbed my water bottle and tool box and off I went. The first 5 miles were tough into the wind but I managed to regulate my power keeping it to around 310 ish, well after the first half mile 🙂  then we turned into a short straight which I was expecting to be wind free but it was moderately better instead,  Paul had already overtaken me and he started 2 minutes after me, he is on fire! but nobody else had and I was chuffed to reach 5 miles on my road bike and only loose 1 spot. The next 3 miles up hill are some of my fav daily miles, I pushed hard despite the side winds I overtook another rider at this point which is about 8 miles in.  I turned up the last hill and thank god had a tail wind but I could hear Justin snapping at my heals so I gave it my everything, Overtook a 2 up team and 1.6 miles later crossed the line 🙂

Despite the fact that I was on my road bike I was pretty well placed, I was overjoyed, mainly thinking how well it would have gone on the speedmax.

Very well done to Paul Lockyer who smashed a time of 22 minutes and everyone else who rode in those tough conditions.

Last year I did this tt in 28:31  averaging 21.1 mph and finishing the race in 5th overall on a road bike and solo

This year I this 26:37 averaging 22:7 mph and finishing 2nd on a road bike and solo

The best part of yesterday was my power. I finished the 10 miles with 303 watts normalised power. giving me 3:8 watts per kg

Got this awesome write up too

Hopefully, my speedmax will be here soon and I can start with some serious times.