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TOC a wasted opportunity or a lesson?

Morning all, It’s been almost a week since I travelled to Peterborough to race the tour of Cambridgeshire and I thought about time I blogged about my weekend.  It’s fair to say that it did not go to plan 😩 But I came away from TOC a better athlete so I guess that’s a positive.

Sue and I travelled up as planned after work Friday and booked into the lovely Marriott hotel which was literally right at the start so perfect placement. We checked in and chilled for a couple of hours with a much-needed cider.  I could have sat in the bar all night but Sue would only let me have 1 😂

Next morning I woke feeling pretty good, not as nervous as expected and headed for breakfast. Afterwards, I went to the showground to collect my numbers and then back to prepare. My race was 13:36 so plenty of time to catch up with a few mates which is exactly what I did. The bonus of racing later was I knew that the course was slower than expected, I only gather that info from people I know and their usual times. Race time soon came around and I started with a mass of cheers, it was amazing the lad pushing me off said “you brought your own fan club” it was amazing I felt so special.

Out down the start ramp and into the showgrounds, I felt epic and the first mile was quick and comfortable. I seemed to find my “happy place” quite easily although lost focus just as easily on the hills. I probably spent as much time out of the dropped aero position as I did in it but that is a clear indication that I need much more training time on the speedmax which I was aware of before the race.

About 8 miles in I was passed for the first time by a rider who started behind me,  Thankfully I passed a fellow Southampton rider a few seconds later and then went on to pass a few more, at this point, I was quietly confident of a qualifying place 😂 so I battled on and finished strong.

Unfortunately, I was just over a minute away from qualifying,  My age group field was very small with only 37 riders, sadly loads of DNS which did not help me at all and the first 5 were quicker than most of the 30-year-olds so that left 5 more places and I was not one of them.

I was not distressed at all because the next day was the road race and that was definitely my strongest field, I was confident I could have ridden the 84 miles solo and “almost definitely” qualified so with a group ride it was a no brainer. Excitedly I left the race and headed back to the hotel.

Over the next couple of hours, it all fell apart and I started feeling sick, long story short we left the hotel the next morning a full day early, no road race for me. Sadly just one of those things and looking back on it I am happier to get sick at a race than at work so even this can be turned into a positive.

On a positive note, my cycling this year has been loads of fun and my cycling club is doing much better than I could have dreamed so I have loads to focus on whilst I rethink my future cycling plans. I do have a plan but it could go in one of 2 directions.

It’s fair to say I am generally quite happy with my time trial racing but this past couple of months has been tough. I now need to find my focus and ride. Thankfully my bike performed beautifully after a few last minute tweaks and I have fitted training wheels and tyres so as soon as I am back to full health I will be all over it.

Watch this space 🚴🏻 🚴‍♀️