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Time to rethink my goals for 2016…….

Ok so earlier this week I posted here about my dreams becoming goals and that one of my main goals for 2016 was to cycle a 10 mile tt race keeping 25mph which I thought I would be able to do once I got comfortable with my new Canyon Speedmax tt bike.  Well last night I did my first tt on the Speedmax and managed to smash my goal on my debut !  I was mega chuffed, overwhelmed would have been an understatement.

At the start I met my friend Alan who had in fact recommended the P881r to me. The first thing he said was “get rid of those bottle cages” so I did 🙂 OMG the speedmax looked even sexier now. Marginal gains…..

The day started super windy and due to a hospital visit I did very little it was also very warm in the 30’s so we headed off to Petersfield to race the P881r which basically runs along the very busy A3 dual carriageway. When I checked in and signed on I was still not 100% sure I would race because it was still in the 30’s and very little air about but I had a couple friends along racing so decided to give it a go if nothing more just to give me a benchmark to work from.

I was #29 so due to start at 7:14 and 30 seconds so rocked up to the start a few minutes earlier. The start was scary 🙂 I was held and told to “clip in and get ready” bugger me that was odd but as we got to 5,4,3,2,1 I was gently pushed away and straight onto the busy A3 with a  sprint.  WOW that was odd but great sort of odd. I got straight into the tt bars and got my head down and just worked, I saw my average gently creep up to the magic 25 and then I approached the first series of roundabouts, at this point rider 31 overtook me 🙂 that did not bother me at all I was racing for me but there was traffic on the roundabout so despite the 3 awesome marshals I has to slow considerable and came out of the drops until clear of it then back onto a climb following #31….

Then the next obstacle was the half way mark. #31 was nowhere to be seen so I concentrated on #28 but the flyover did slow me a little, I think this was a mental thing coz I still felt strong but I powered on and as I got back on the A3 a lorry was pulling our from a lay-by and I had to gamble on the fact that he saw me, A little wave from him (I think it was a wave haha) assured me he had so head down I raced on. At this point I was climbing and overtook #28 who was a little wobbly so I came out of my bars to give me a little more stability, overtook and I could once again see the flying #31 and the now fast approaching roundabout again so listening to Alan’s advice earlier I stuck to the middle lane and stayed in my bars but alas the roundabout was busy and I was stuck behind the same lorry 🙂 but at least he was moving at a reasonable pace and I was not powerful enough to overtake or stupid enough to undertake so I lost a few seconds but considered those “recovery seconds” then up the last climb and my speed was averaging 26mph and I was buzzing. The last mile is faster and flatter so In my bars I really gave it my best and then as I reached the 10 miles I saw the left hand arrow pointing me to the exit. Stupidly at this point I sat up and stopped pedalling hahaha I still had 100m to go. schoolboy error but I crossed the line and felt amazing.

Well my official time was 22:52  which equates to 26:4mph I am happy 🙂

Things to work on.  Everyone there was much better tt prepared than me so I need to look at the following which is in no special order.

Training and tweaking my position

Loose a few pounds

Race overshoes and leg covers

Aero helmet


Shaving my legs YEAH I KNOW !

Disk rear wheel (last on my list)

With these things, some serious training and sorting myself out with powering through the corners and the stop I should improve.

Ok so now onto my goals again.  I think I would like to improve on my 22:52 and lets leave that one there 🙂 but I would also like to do a 25 mile tt sub 1 hour. That really is a big deal for me so lets see how that goes.

Thanks for all your support over on Facebook and twitter its very much appreciated.