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The Swamp Challenge…….

Today Sue and I got up at a not so familiar 5am and got ready to leave for Kent for my first race or run to that matter of 2016 and it was actually called The Book Day Challenge but OMG it was wet and swampy today!!!

I have missed so many races recently because quite honestly I cant be arsed with the training but I know that I want to continue with shorter distances so that I can do well and enjoy my Duathlons so todays was perfect because it was a timed challenge which means I finish once I do just 1 lap of 5k and by finishing I get a medal 🙂

We actually had to deliver some photos into London so after doing that we headed down to Gravesend and parked. The rain had been fairly constant so I knew it was going to be wet and wild 🙂

We arrived and chatted to a few friends before the race started, I ran, jogged, walked and slipped my way around the course and absolutely loved it. It was hilly and wet and muddy haha but all good fun and I caught up with lots of people on my way around. As I reached the 5k mark I saw Sue with the camera and slowed to smile 🙂  At this point to my complete surprise I decided to carry on for another lap.

To be honest I was fine today and could have gone on and on which believe me was a huge relief 🙂

Great race and great medal (my best yet) and goodie bag again.

My next race is only a week away and back to Tarmac.


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