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The District+ rear light review

As most of you know I do most of my miles during the winter months simply because I am generally less busy with work and I quite like getting out in the dark evenings with a few mates. The quieter roads are great and in the New Forest you can see approaching cars for miles.

To ride safely at night demands a series of things that we don’t use during the day, it’s fair to say that its a completely different riding style but I adapt quite well.

The main thing to be aware of is “See and be Seen” Obvious I know but sadly I see many people with inadequate lights.  I have a superb front light which I will review later but today I wanted to talk about my Hope District + rear light. My friend Paul has one and I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted one too. It comes with a separate battery pack which is very neat and also makes the unit very small. 135 lumens (VERY BRIGHT)  led and 3 static and 3 flashing modes so perfect for daytime use too. Best of all this light lasts for hours even on the brightest modes, anything from 15 to 200 hours which also makes this a great commuter light.

It has a built-in power meter so really easy to keep an eye on usage and although mine came with a rubber band type mount for ease of swapping between bikes, I upgraded to a machined aluminium clamp for the 2 bikes I use this on making swapping a few seconds work.

I ride 24/7 with a rear light and on my 2 winter bikes (The Canyon Inflite and Canyon Endurace) I use the Hope District Plus.

When I ride at night I often get comments about the light and am happy to steer people to Hope. Its bright, neat and very comforting to know I can be seen from a very long way off. I had a motorist at Ipley say to me that he thought I was a motorbike, I put that down to my speed 🙂 but in reality, he was referring to the bright rear light.

I charge mine about once a week and I ride around 300 miles a week, 110 of those at night when the light would be on full. The District + also comes with a splitter cable so that you can run a front light from the same battery which is super handy too.

Like everything Hope, this light is extremely well made and feels like it will last a lifetime. Its not cheap and available at just over £110 with battery and charger and I buy my Hope kit from GA Cycles my local bike shop and hope dealer. As much as I like to get a deal online, some things need playing with and exploring and for those as well as my servicing needs I rely on GA Cycles in Southampton.

I hope this little review has helped.


GA Cycles