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Training run with a parkrun finish

This morning I had a 5 mile at my marathon pace in my planner so at 08:30 I headed off to the Common and my slower longer pace of around 8 min miles, its the perfect warm up of about 2.5 miles and I saw a few lovely runners and friends along the way which is pretty cool.  Once at the Common I ran the parkrun at my marathon pace of 7:20 min mile which is not fast for me but felt good especially after a really heavy Christmas party last night 🙂  after a quick barcode scan I headed off running home again at my mara pace for the last 2.5 miles.

It was another fab turnout at the common and although my thoughts on parkrunning have changed slightly because of my marathon training it was a lovely way to start a saturday.

I covered just over 8 miles this morning and it was quite enjoyable, I have once again been full of this winter bug this week so training has been tough but I managed it ok.

I am hoping again to do a parkrun next week all going well and that will be part of a 7 mile faster run.

Photo thanks to Chris.




Pre-Gosport parkrun

This morning I managed to fit in my first parkrun for a few weeks but it was only a gently run around before tomorrows half marathon at Gosport.

I woke up early for a coffee and there was lord of discussion on Facebook about shorts or tights 🙂  well I poked my head outside and opted for tights and it was the right choice let me tell you! when I arrived at the common it was just scraping past 2 degrees and still damp from the overnight mist but I was excited to see the new course C for our run.  There were lots of people already arriving and most like me were complaining about the cold, yes winter has definitely arrived.

I was not 100% sure wether to go all out or plod around today but after a quick chat with Captain Jim I opted for something in the middle to save my legs for tomorrow, I have learned that running too slow can be as dangerous as running to fast so I stuck at a comfortable 7:15 minute mile and loved it,  this is actually just a tiny bit slower than my current half marathon pace.

The new course is great, the extra hills suited me just fine and I think it will be a PB course, I guess the next week or so will tell.

I ran around today in 22:38 and it felt great, I a really looking forward to the Gosport Half marathon tomorrow which officially kicks off my Rome Marathon training and I have opted to work with Ant from RunCamp who is coaching me but more on that later.

Thanks to Paul Hammond for the photo, thats me waiving to the marshals 🙂  I know none of these lads are wearing my super warm tight but hey they all have 30 years on me !!!



Enjoyable parkrun today

This morning we had a wedding in Portsmouth leaving at 10:30 am which just about gave me time to drive to the common and take part in the Southampton parkrun today.  I am racing tomorrow so once again despite last weeks promise 🙂 I decided not to race around and to have a steady run, well thankfully I saw my running pal Chris who has a knee problem so I asked him if I could run around with him knowing that it would be a much more gentle pace because of his injury so we ran together and had a real good catch up as we went.

One of the very best things about parkrun is that no matter what speed you run and no matter where you finish you are sure of fantastic support from the amazing marshals,  well done guys, todays most enthusiastic marshal award goes to my club mate Tamsyn 🙂

This was my slowest parkrun yet at 30:59 buy hey who’s counting.



Post race parkrun

This morning ran the 63rd Southampton parkrun here at the common on what turned out to be a surprisingly lovely morning and for the 4th week I took it nice and steady because I have the Victory 5 mile race tomorrow and I want to save my legs for that.  So today I started right at the very back which was a first and rather odd feeling too 🙂  I actually walked for the first 2-300 yards before dropping my bag off and finding my pace,  I saw lots of friends running and managed to chat with quite a few as I made my way through the field and found myself powering up the hills and relaxing on the flats so my LRR training has almost become muscle memory for me now which is a very good thing bearing in mind most of my races are hilly.

I crossed the line in 23:07 which was faster than I wanted or expected but thats always the problem running solo 🙂  I came in 96th out of 380 so pretty good for a back starter.  After scanning my barcode I saw my team mate and friend Emily finishing the first lap with her mum who was running for the first time so I ran over and ran the second lap again with them to offer a little encouragement and support, not that Emily needs it she is a super fast runner but I guessed she might like the company because she was running slower and we had a lovely chat.

I had a lovely time today and for me it really encompasses all that parkrun is about, the super fast and the first timers,  My good friend Andy Griggs collected his 5oth shirt today and “finished first” with a very impressive sub 17 and Emily’s mum finished her first race in just over 41 minutes,  what a fantastic experience for them both and I am very pleased to have been a part of it.

Sometimes you have to throttle back and enjoy the experience, next week I have a wedding but I will try for a fast time all going well, who knows maybe even a PB !   there I have said it…………..

Here are a couple of photos,  thanks Luke



Southampton parkrun

This morning I did the first of my 3 runs for this weekend 🙂  yes 3 !  which was not intentional but I am very happy about how it turned out but more on that in the next 2 posts coming soon.

I drove to parkrun this morning rather than running because I had another race this afternoon so I arrived about 08:20 which was perfect for plenty of chatting time which was perfect for me today and I got to chat with lots of my friends, I had not really decided which pace to go for but I knew that I would not hammer it today and spoil my chances of a good race later today especially  because my race this afternoon was the first of the Hampshire Road Running League (HRRL) so as we were about to start I wandered towards the middle of the field so not to spoil it for faster runners,  I then heard my name being called and it was my good buddy David who has been off injured for a few weeks after a nasty injury to his ankle, well that was perfect and I decided to run with him, we both run very close normally so we know each others style well, we started the race and had a good natter for the full 5k and time just flew by,  thankfully his ankle was fine at the end and we finished together in just under 26 minutes, a nice calorie burner and 1 step closer to that parkrun t-shirt too.

The best thing about the occasional slower parkrun is that I get to chat people on the way round and encourage a few that might be struggling, when I am racing I am so focused that I rarely see anyone let along chat to anyone, this is a concept that seemed alien to me a few months back but since Andy Griggs gave me the heads up on running my attitude has changed quite a bit, still cant get near his speed and probably never will but I have the right attitude haha !

Really enjoyed todays run and it stretched my legs for a wonderful PB this afternoon but more on that on Monday coz I have the amazing and very muddy Wolf Run tomorrow which is a 10k obstacle race.