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Ghost race #4

Well its the end of October and that can mean only 1 thing, time for Robert’s awesome Ghost run.  I missed last year because it was the day that I met my foot specialised and he insisted I did not run but today despite not feeling a whole lot better in the foot dept I ran and loved it 🙂

Sue and I rocked up about 5:30 and chatted to race director and our friend Rob for a bit, grabbed a hot chocolate and then met up with our buddy Matt. It was a warm evening and I knew my Grim Reaper outfit was going to be tough going but It was not a race just a fun run with friends.

I started off with PieGirl and Paul and after a couple miles I broke away with a chap called Del and ran with him until mile 3 where we somehow got lost and ran an extra half mile solo haha. On finding our way back to the tunnel of doom I saw Rob and mentioned our antics, he merely shouted “extra miles are free” 🙂 fair enough and it was a beautiful night.

The last couple of miles was spent overtaking and catching up with people that we overtook and caught up with for the first 2 miles haha then I came across our friends Andy, Sophie and Jessica who I ran with briefly before seeing Allie who I ran home with as well as my good buddy Terry and lots more 🙂

Another awesome evening of terror organised my this wonderful company which I will link below.

Through the finish tunnel and we were given a Toffee Apple along with a goodie bag and AWESOME medal. such great value for this race and in fact all of their races.

Sue and I chatted to a few ,mates before heading home 🙂

No photos today quite simply coz we are busy at work and I could not be arsed with the editing 🙂  Next race Bayside Duathlon on Sunday.

Here are a few photos from todays race and unless mentioned otherwise they are taken by the very talented Sue Porter Photography I hope you have enjoyed my race blog and please consider using Julian Porter Photography for any photography requirements or events you might have coming up.


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Back to the future……..

Well yesterday was Back to the Future day and to celebrate it I joined loads of my mates on a wet and miserable river bank in Surrey for an awesome 6 hour running event 🙂  Being a bling chaser its not very often I miss great medals and this one was brought to my attention and I booked it. Unbeknown to me so had loads of my regular running buddies and well as fellow Lordshiller Mike who I also cycle with. Also Rebecca and Kev were there and Rebecca “clippy” rode the sportive with  me last Sunday, small world.

I woke up yesterday morning early doors and out was chucking it down with rain and I have to confess I did not feel much like travelling 60 miles to Walton-on-Thames but after a coffee and breakfast I headed off in horrible traffic to my destination!  A few minutes away I received a txt from Mike saying he had saved me a parking space right at the start 🙂 top man so I drove up and parked then started to catch up with dozens of mates far too many to mention but great to see you all 🙂

I grabbed a coffee in the Weir Hotel and a muffin before heading to the start still lashing it down but hey I was already wet 🙂  I decided well beforehand that I was going to run 2 laps so 10k and ran with my friend Carolyn and her dog Bonnie and we had a fantastic catchup for an hour or so.

The route was simple 1.6 miles out and back again 🙂 even I could not get lost ! the feed station was well stocked with water and sweets 🙂 awesome fredo frogs and chocolate buttons as well as a few sensible things I ignored.  After 2 lapps I said goodbye to Carolyn and a few mates and collected my awesome medal. I love these challenge events because you can run as much as an ultra or just 5k. I do miss the fanfare of actually a race finish but I run for fun and bling nowadays and have never been happier.

Great atmosphere, probably the best in a while considering the shite weather 🙂 great feed stop and marshals and just the best medal which is definitely in my top 10, probably top 6 even.

Next race is the Ghost Run 🙂

Here are a few photos from todays race and unless mentioned otherwise they are taken by the very talented Sue Porter Photography I hope you have enjoyed my race blog and please consider using Julian Porter Photography for any photography requirements or events you might have coming up.

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All change…………

I was going to start this blog post with a list of excuses why I have not run for 3 weeks until last night and why my running has suffered since my injury but after typing a thousand or so depressing words I realised it was all bullshit and there is only 1 reason I am not running 5 days a week anymore.

I absolutely LOVE my cycling.  There I said it 🙂

I can cycle 250 hard miles a week and feel amazing at the end, I can average 18.5mph over those 250 miles and keep up with many people a lot younger than me 🙂 and most of all I can hopefully remain injury free, although I often have a sore butt!!!

I think I came to this realisation yesterday when I woke up with my running kit laid out ready for the last of this years Yateley 10k’s and I walked past my running kit and dressed in my DHC race kit and headed out on my bike. My head told me a 30 mile bimble would be good but my heart told me 55 hard and fast miles would be better. My heart won.

So there you have it. I made my choices and I am happy. So does that mean the end of my running?

NO 🙂 just a change thats all. I will continue to run and I am hoping to race at least once a month and run hopefully once a week even f its brick training straight off the bike but I a going to run to enjoy the races not win 🙂

Ok so last night at The Yateleys.  Sue and I arrived and had our picnic as always and chatted about the fact that I was so tired I needed a sleep haha but I had promised my friend Hywel that I would get him a sub 55 PB and I was buggered if I was going to let him down.

After catching up with a few of my buddies we headed for the start line and once the start sounded we were off!  I planned for 8:30 pace and despite Hywel wanting to race off we kept to it 🙂  The race as always was amazingly supported and with 1000+ runners an awesome spectacle too. the first 3k are uphill but nothing to worry about then flat for 3 or 4 then up again but overall its definitely a PB course as I have proved in the past.

As we reached the last water stop I knew we were ok as bang on for a 52 which I knew he would be chuffed with, I told him that I was going to continue at this pace but he should give it all he had for the last k and off he went.

I finished in 52.09 a full 10 minutes slower than my PB but I don’t care 1 bit because I really enjoyed my day yesterday.

I ran over the line and collected my beautiful medal and haribo and then said goodbye to The Yateleys for another year.  PLUS I won my second spot prize of the year, free trainers !

This is my third year and I cant imagine not running them, for all the races I do this one is the one that feels like “home” such an awesome atmosphere from the cheesy man with the mic to the awesome marshals its simple EPIC and if you have not tried it then please do for next year.

Rest day today but back on my bike tomorrow 🙂

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This years medals


The last 3 years medals





The Yateley’s part 2

Yesterday was the second of this years Yateley series and a week later than the normal July race because of school activities but that did not make it anymore special.  Sue and I had an e-shoot in Frimley for your running friends Janet and Greg so were local and ready quite early. We arrived and parked in our fav spot then mingled with a few mates before the race started. One of the best things about the Yateley’s is the people, that does sound corny but its the 100% truth this is the most amazing friendly race series ever, Marshals, helpers alike they are all pretty special and thats what makes the Yateley’s so epic and so blooming popular it was another 1000 turnout again last night.

I have not run much in the last few months and nothing in a few weeks but I have been cycling plenty and dieting well and having lost 8lb I am in the best place that I have been for a good few months so I really thought I was going to do well tonight but to be honest once a couple of club mates turned up and we got chatting my plans all went to pot. To start with we were so busy chatting that we were not even in  the starting tunnel when the horn sounded, we were right at the back haha in fact it took over 2 minutes to go over the timing mat 🙂 At that point I decided I would run with my 2 mates and that I did, a great run and a great chat, to be fair I was doing most of the chatting haha.

Once again the course was very well supported, the local people really do embrace this race and its bloody great to see, the people at the pub enjoying their beers line the streets and the kids in their PJ’s standing with Mum and Dad its just awesome and makes you feel like Mo 😉  The scouts at the water stops and the marshals on the corners were as friendly and great as always. If you (like me) have run races where nobody talks and the marshals just point then you would LOVE the yateley’s, so much encouragement from everyone. To be fair it does help that so many people know my name coz there is nothing better than hearing “go Jules” I promise this is the most amazing series.

The race was lovely and went by in a flash, I know the course so well now and really do enjoy those hills, I even know where waitrose is 🙂  I have run with Chris lots before and this time with his Son in law and my friend Hewel too and I really enjoyed it. As we reached the finish we saw my awesome Sue and collected our medal.

AMAZING medal 🙂 the same as the first but with reversed colours 🙂 amazing idea and I really LOVE it. Also got my water and hairbo thanks guys.

I recently seriously thought about giving up running, I know I would always do my Disney races and Duathlons but serious racing was on the table. Last night I decided that I would miss too many people and the Yateley’s did that for me 🙂 this was my 8th Yateley which is NOTHING compared to many but it feels like home, like family and honestly give it a bash next year and I am sure you will feel the same.

Thank you Yateley’s for giving me the reason to continue 🙂  see you in August.

Here are a few photos from todays race and unless mentioned otherwise they are taken by the very talented Sue Porter Photography I hope you have enjoyed my race blog and please consider using Julian Porter Photography for any photography requirements or events you might have coming up.

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Yately 10 medals



Wiggle Wight Ferry Sportive

Earlier in the year before I got into long distance rides (when I say long distance rides i mean 100 mile rides nothing silly)  I saw the Wiggle Wight Ferry Sportive advertised and it was a 90 mile ride so I immediately thought that I would do this and hit 100 miles by cycling to it from home to make an overall 110 miler Perfect !  but having hit 100 miles several times it was really no big deal to add any extra miles to the sportive so as it got closer I decided I would ride with some mates instead and it turns out most of my buddies were doing the 73 mile standard route but again I was happy coz I was already at about 150 miles for the week.  Gary my LRR running buddy has had a bike longer than me but its fair to say it does not get much use and despite my best efforts he has not joined me for a club ride yet so I decided to ride with Gary and I knew it would be a bimble for me probably 14 mph but thats all good coz the IOW is beautiful and I would suck it all in.

Well I picked Gary up at 6:45 and we arrived at race HQ in the New Forest and registered and chatted with a few mates. The standard route was due to start at around 8am so perfect time to get the bikes ready and get to the start. I was the first person over the start (real keen) haha and Gary close behind and we headed off for the 10 mile ride to the Lymington Ferry.  For the first few hundred yards we were side by side then Gaz pulled back a little at the hill so I powered up and stopped to take his photo 🙂 I then had to wait for a gap to rejoin the sportive but soon did and powered on to find Gaz, apparently I passed him without knowing it and for the next couple of miles I thought he must have picked up his speed coz I could not see him 🙂 I rode through Beaulieu at mile 5 and my average was 18mph so I realised at this point that I must have passed him so I powered on to Lymington catching up with the front riders as I went.  We arrived at the empty ferry port and I was the 5th or 6th standard rider so I was very happy considering I stopped. I averaged 18.9 mph again I was happy with that bearing in mind the first mile was probably closer to 10mph 🙂

I grabbed some munch from the first food station and a drink and topped up my water bottle because although it was overcast and quite chilly I could tell we were in for another scorching day. Gary arrived and I got us in the front of the queue for the 8:15 ferry and we met a chap called Russ who we boarded and sat with enroute. We soon embarked and without any pomp and ceremony we were off ! again it was at a snails pace but I think most people were like me in thinking “is this it” but after a few minutes the 3 of us were happily cycling the roads of the IOW. Having done this route before I knew it was tough and I knew the hills were testing especially in this heat and humidity so I was quite happy riding along chatting with Russ and Gary. After a couple miles and hills Gaz started to peel back so I turned around and headed back for him but told Russ to head on which he did. Gaz and I then bimbled along together for the next few miles which consisted of me heading up the hills and waiting at the top taking photos 🙂 I am happy riding at any pace but I find it really hard to climb hills at anything other than my own pace so its safer to power up and wait in fact most people do this. We stopped at a lovely beachside cafe for a bottle of water and a few pics then back to the hills. This went on until at mile 30 I bumped into my friend Esther and we rode into the 2nd food station together.  Gaz and I had some munch, more fluids and a pee 🙂

As we left the feed station Gaz said he was feeling knackered and needed to slow it down a little and that I should crack on. I wanted to ride with him but to be honest was struggling with the pace as it was so was quite happy to arrange to meet up later and crack on which I did.  The next 20 miles were a lot of fun and I managed to get my average speed up a mile or so. IMO the first part of this sportive is the tough part and now we only had 2 killer hills to go. Black gang climb was hot and windy just what you need haha but I felt great all the way and then a few speedy sections before the last seemingly endless hill but we were rewarded with the most amazing views. To be honest I was not in a big photo taking mood but grabbed a few. The last couple of miles into the port were awesome and as I arrived I saw Russ again waiting for the ferry. I also caught up with Esther again and my mate Terry.  I grabbed some more munch and fluids before heading almost straight away to the ferry, parked my bike and Russ and I got a coffee and snacks to see us home, well back to Lymington!

As we docked I spoke to Lisa (Gary’s wife) who asked if I wanted her to g collect Gaz, of course I said No and I would bring him home 🙂  as we left the ferry there were a lot of people struggling to ride with cramps etc but I felt pretty good and thought a nice bimble home would be good. as we left the port and headed up the hill I hit the outside and started to open up and to be honest it felt good and along with 2 others we we keeping quite a pace.  We pretty much raced each other whilst chatting haha all the way back to the start/finish and as we crossed the line my average was 18.7 mph so again I was pretty chuffed especially because like the first 10 miles 1 mile was not much better than a gravelly track which was not fast but we were home and finished and despite a slow middle I was super happy that I felt great cycling to the finish and would have been super happy to cycle home from there too.

I collected my medal and t-shirt and ice cream voucher 🙂 nice touch. And headed back to my car to change, I saw Russ again to say our goodbyes and then headed back home for a shower.  I chatted to Gaz who was on the ferry so I knew an hour or so away yet which gave me time to shower and take my bike home and get back to collect him.

Great wiggle event again and lovely to see Gaz complete the 77 miles his longest by far. I have another longer hillier one next week and I am riding with my buddy Noel so really looking forward to that one too.

Here are a few photos from todays race and unless mentioned otherwise they are taken by the very talented Sue Porter Photography I hope you have enjoyed my race blog and please consider using Julian Porter Photography for any photography requirements or events you might have coming up.

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