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P311 ringwood time trial

Well, it’s no surprise that since I had the frame replaced on my speedmax I have struggled to find my pace, my power has been all over the place and my speed has suffered. Added to the fact that I have changed my helmet and that resulted in needing new varifocal glasses which were brand new tonight. My old glasses were uncomfortable with the helmet because of the position although after finding this out I broke them anyway 😂

My speed and power has been good lately and I know it’s only a tt think because my road cycling is stronger than ever. This week I’m about 90 miles in and averaging over 20mph so all good.

Anyway back to today’s race.  I’ve been chatting to my friend Angela this week about my racing and came to the conclusion that I needed to get away from my normal races, so tonight I headed to Ringwood to race the p311 (rumble strip) it’s not one of my favourite courses but it’s an honest course so a great place to start, or re-start 😂  Tonights race was run by Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers and they are a super friendly club I am so pleased I chose this over the P164.

I rocked up and booked my place #14 and had a little warm up, I know 100% this is my failing. I NEED TO WARM UP MORE, but I have a plan so watch this space.

Now the good part.  My training buddy and friend Gary rocked up and gave me a bloody good talking to and told me in no uncertain terms what power I should be aiming for tonight. So 280w was my goal.

I headed off shortly after with a cheer from Angela and Gary (different Gary) and of course a wave from the love of my life too. I looked down at my Garmin 450w and for the first time ever during a race I let off the power a little, I stuck between 280 and 300w  and it’s felt bloody great.  For the first time ever racing I was starting to sweat, I don’t generally but I was tonight.  I kept this power fairly even and at the 5-mile turning point, I was averaging 284w and very happy.  As I rode into the roundabout I decided to stay in the drops but alas I was slowed to a crawl by a car so lost a good few seconds but I was ok with that and not about to overtake considering the road and junctions on that roundabout. She turned into the pub (I think) just before I left for the return and once again saw Gary who shouted encouragement. The return leg was much the same although I did overtake #12 which made me feel good.  Shortly afterwards I crossed the finish with a 279w average and I was over the moon.

I ride to the start to see Sue and we were joined by Gary for a post-race briefing. My time was a respectable 25:10 so I was happy given that course.  For those unfamiliar, it’s called the rumble strip because the road surface is so rough and takes continued effort.  The faster boys say this course is worth 2 or 3 minutes which made me feel better too.

Overall I am chuffed to nuts. I’ve ridden a 22:xx tt last year but on a nice fast course. I have that one planned soon.

My bike goes back to Canyon on a Tuesday to be stem slammed and then Garth the following Monday.  I should then be ready to make up some ground.  I still have a few more races before then and for the first time ever and thanks to Gary I have a plan.

No photos today. To be honest I went into this feeling less than great but left feeling Awesome.

Thanks again to Gary Allan, Angela, Gary and of course my Sue. I love you so much ❤️

Thanks everyone for the messages this week I promise not to let people get into my head again. 100% focused.

Tonight felt great and although not a fab time I did not get passed and I did pass the rider in front. I came 13th out of 34 riders