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In 2016 I rode in all weathers and clocked up 12,136 miles all outside and was determined to keep it that way for 2017 too. I love the outdoors and I love cycling so it looked like a pretty solid plan to move forward with. But as we approached the Autumn of 2016 things started to change for me, I got more and more involved with the awesome Vankru Cycling and I became more focused on training. This led to lots of chat about the best way to train, well the best way for me to train, and it seems inevitable that I will need to do some miles on a trainer (stationary turbo trainer). Serious training takes all sorts of skills including FTP tests and interval training and sprinting. These things can be done outside but its not always easy to do them safely outside. So Its decided I need a trainer!

As luck would have it my riding partner Paul also started training with Vankru and although he had a trainer. But as we chatted more it became apparent that he wanted a better trainer to “talk” to the numerous software applications out there, Zwift and Trainer road being the 2 I looked at.  So Paul upgraded just before Christmas to the new Tacx Neo which is a top of the range silent in use “Smart trainer” this means it will directly talk to the apps and when doing so it changes resistance as you reach changes like hills, pretty awesome really.

Luckily Paul said I could borrow his old trainer and together with my Stages power meter I am able to simulate a smart trainer. I thought I would give this a go for a month to see if I enjoyed or at least could endure the trainer rides and if I do then I will purchase a Tacx Neo.

Well I came home and setup and after a few sketchy problems I found my feet 🙂 I am lucky that my home Gym is pretty well equipped and had space for my trainer so comfort was not an issue, plus I could do it anytime I liked which was surely a bonus. I am loving it.

I chose to use Zwift for my software platform. It seems the most popular and you can choose to ride with strangers or with your buddies providing they are on at the same time. Its Genius.  Without a doubt its harder work than road cycling, If you do an hour on the trainer then you pedal for an hour, there is no coasting, no stopping, no rolling into the corners its just full on raw power for an hour and yeah that hurts 🙂 I am 100% sure it will help with my racing.

I hope to get my weight and nutrition sorted over the next couple of weeks then get to Garth at Vankru and get started.

So there you have it. Nothing amazing but I have started my 2017 totally different than expected.  I look forward to doing a full review of the Neo and Zwift in a couple of months, and of course getting a few road miles in too 🙂