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My first tt………..Character building!

Today was my very first attempt at a time trial race which is something I have been talking about for about 6 months but have always been afraid to go for 🙂 I guess I was always worried about coming last or turning us as the “all the gear, no idea” fella. So my plan was to start 2016 at a time trialist (not even sure thats a word)

Todays tt was organised by a local club NFCC so it looked like a great one to start with, I have had a pretty awesome week cycling 230 miles averaging 18mph so very happy and some decent weather too. Fast forward to Saturday night and the bloody storms arrived so I thought I would take the Endurace and just go for the experience. In decent weather I can ride quite happily at 20mph on her so no worries I thought.

I woke up this morning not really sure what time it was coz of the clock change but after a coffee I walked over to the Bike Barn on the rain to collect my Endurace, BUT…. I grabbed my Aeroad haha loaded it on the car and off we went to Lyndhurst and to meet all my buddies also riding the tt.

I paid my £3 and got my #9 and then I went for a little warm up ride and OMFG it was choppy with my deep wheels but I had made my decision so it was time to get on with it.

Back to the start and I decided against a “clipped in assisted start” it was windy and I had never done that plus to be fair I am pretty adapt at clipping in so after a 5,4,3,2,1 I was off…..straight away I noticed the fierce side winds battering me 🙂 its fair enough coz everyone has the same 🙂 so head down and straight into the drops and lets get on with it. I passed a few mates at the drift who shouted support then about a mile further I passed the #8 chap and that gave me a little wobble, he was younger than me and seemed to be kitted out for tt’s so was I pushing it too much at the start, would he fly by me later ?  bugger that I thought and pressed on.  the next 3 miles I was generally battered with the side winds and the Aeroad and especially the Zipp 404’s were not happy but together we made a pact to keep rolling and thats what we did. I got to the first main left hand turn and the Marshal sorted “well done careful on the bend” which meant I slowed to an almost stop but again better safe than sorry, I then had about half a mile of tail wind before turning back up for the 4 mile climb home.

The first 2 miles which is a gentle climb on shitty roads is quite sheltered so I kept a pretty good pace but then as I approached the last turn I was uber aware of 2 things, this is a very dodgy gusty corner and the last 1.6 miles was horrible, shitty, head-windy hills 🙂  I kept my head down and carried on up, as I reached the 9 mile point I was absolutely shot because of the hilly headwind but at that point I saw my friend Sean Williams shouting at the side of the road and that was just the push I needed to get up out the seat and get my arse up that last hill. It was a bonus that I could see 2 pairs of 2up riders in front of me which meant I was making better time than either of those and with that I powered on to the finish line crossing it in 28:31  averaging 21.1 mph and finishing the race in 5th overall on a road bike and solo 🙂  I am happy……

Ok so things to think about before the next tt.

#1 Nutrition  this past couple weeks has been rubbish, or great depending on where you sit on the fence haha

#2 Practise riding in the drops more, today I was 85% of the time but it needs to be 100

#3 Get a power meter, I know this will help with my training and tt’s

#4 BUY A SPEEDMAX…………….We all know this is the important one 🙂

I had the most amazing race and one of the best parts was racing with my great friend Faith whom I cycle with at least twice a week and she has been fundamental in getting me to where I am today. Thank you Faith x

Great to see all my other buddies racing and supporting it was fab, My good pal Paul won the race in 25 ish minutes, he is a machine !

I AM AWARE that these pictures show me far too upright hence #2 but this was at the start 🙂