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Jules Gym

I am very fortunate to have a home Gym filled with amazing Life Fitness equipment and I am pleased to say it gets very well used  by Sue and I.   We started our home gym about 4 years ago with a simple treadmill and bike but soon realised that I wanted a better treadmill, those of you that know me will chuckle about my addiction to 2 things great brands and gadgets 🙂  I chose the best Gym brand Life Fitness mainly because John Lewis recommended them but also because they have all the bells and whistles.

I purchased a T3 treadmill and used it everyday mainly on hill intervals building up my levels and speed to a fast walk about 4.5 to 4.7 mph.

I then added the R3 Cross Trainer which I found really hard at first just to complete 5 minutes but soon I was going strong on intervals for 30 to 60 minute

I then added the X1 Recumbent bike and use that for 20 to 30 minutes each workout which is great for my lower zone heart rate.

I am planning to add some weights over the next few weeks (May 2013).  I am currently working on strengthening my core and upper and lower body strengths, wait thats my whole body isn’t it ?  maybe my PT just thinks I am a wimp 🙂  anyway today I start a program using my TRX Suspension workouts starting with my lower body but I will add something every week and see how we go,  Sue took some before photos today so lets see what a few months on this regime does for me and most importantly my running,  everybody I speak to suggests that with stronger legs I should run faster and stay injury free easier, makes sense when you think about it.

More info as I move on.