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I no longer have dreams………..

Ok so a bit dramatic, surprise surprise coming from me 😉

Last week I was again contacted by a journalist who wants to do a follow up on my lifestyle, plans, dreams following on from me beating Diabetes. So I wrote the following and thought why not post it here too. I have no doubt it will get edited again they don’t like me name dropping too much but its worth a try haha!

Ever since loosing 8 stone back in 2010/11 I have become a different person both physically and mentally. Prior to this I was not at all athletic and certainly not competitive but since then things have been changing and I feel they still are.  A couple of years ago I wanted to run a marathon having never ran more than a half. Due too my usual gung ho approach I gave myself 29 days to train from half to full at and at 51 years old and I gave myself a stupid goal of 3 hours and 30 minutes mainly because my good friend and coach Ant Gritton (Runcamp) inspired me with his words.  I smashed my first marathon on a stinking hot day and managed 3:27 actually the course was long according to my watch and I finished just under 3:23 but hey I am happy 3:27.  Shortly afterwards I damaged my ankle quite badly so stopped competitive running. I was very happy to achieve my goal and am uber proud of what I achieved running. 20 minute 5k.  42 minute 10k, 1:11 10 mile, 1:31 half marathon and of course 3:27 marathon. And I ran in America 🙂

That was almost 2 years ago I ran a couple marathons in California and whilst there I met a bunch of Cyclists and little did I know it would change my world quite dramatically.

We returned home in October 2014 and I ordered my first Canyon Bicycle.

19 months later I have 5 and I absolutely love everything about them. I get awesome support from Canyon Bicycles both from Germany and the UK and quite honestly there is nothing to compare IMO.

After about 14 months cycling quite happily and keeping my fitness up and weight down I was very happy. Then in January I had this crazy idea mostly driven by my amazing wife Sue, to cycle every day no matter what the weather was, well 1400 miles later I finished with a 102 mile almost solo ride through wind, rain and hail and I averaged an impressive speed well into the 17’s. Lots of people were saying I was going to do myself harm as in over train but LOTS more were super supportive and with there help I absolutely loved it and carried on with my high millage through February and right onto today averaging 1000 miles per month even during our silly season at work although this has meant lots of 5:30 am rides.  The one thing that changed the first 2 months of this year was my speed, I noticed that I was no longer riding in the 16/17’s but averaging 18/19’s and mostly on my winter bike. To be fair its an awesome Canyon Inflite. Ali and heavier and with mudguards and slow wheel/tyre combo but still a fab bike.

In march I started riding my amazing Canyon Endurace a little more and then eventually my absolutely favourite ever bike my Canyon Aeroad and once again I was on speedy wheels and tyres and I found myself getting faster again. My averages were now in the 20’s which was always my “dream” I could barely contain myself when I rode door to door in the 20’s for the first time, I think it was 39 miles at 20:3mph solo.  Well it was not a fluke coz I manage that or faster almost every time I ride solo now and faster if I push myself but of course this all comes down to work and nutrition for me and they go hand in hand, its really tough to eat properly on a wedding day.

Back in June I started looking at tt bikes (time trial) and because I was already well stocked with bikes I considered a second hand one, Thankfully I spoke to Canyon who had the last 2015 Speedmax in my size available so I grabbed it up quick smart (again Thank you Sue)  This was a no brainer and although I really love the 2016 model, I also really love my 2015 model and even tho its a bit loud and garish it is growing on my and most tt bikes seem to be this way. Most of the good ones anyway 😉

Having reached my 20mph dream speed it got me thinking about what got me here. Training, I know and people and support. It also got me thinking about where I want to be this time next year and I thought if I put this down in writing it may well help inspire me to continue to improve and reach even better speeds. I have lots of people to thank for my year so far. Most importantly Sue who is my rock and I love you so much, (the next bike WILL be my last) probably. Also the fast lads I ride with regularly and push me often, Gary Allen, Paul, Andy, Gaz, Justin, Aran and so many more.  To Faith who for the first part of this year was my cycling bestie and gave me my most enjoyable miles.  To Canyon for your support its been awesome and to all of my amazing followers who have inspired me to turn my dreams into GOALS!

Ok so my GOALS for 2016 are as follows.

I want to continue to road ride in the 20’s possibly upping my average 21/22 maybe.

But my main goal for 2016 is to ride a 10 mile tt road race and average 25mph  This was most definitely a dream if you would have asked me last year. Today its an achievable goal and it really excites me. I know I have a lot of work to do, I need to get used to the tt position and to pushing myself hard but after a few races that should come.

2017 I have entered the TOU (tour of Cambridgeshire) which his a worlds qualifier race and my goal if to get an age group place in the worlds for 2018. This is quite a goal and I will be 54 by then so who knows 🙂 But I will give it my best shot thats for sure.

Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 SL