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First proper tt of 2017

Well I could have started this post with a plethora of excuses, but when all said and done I am happy with today’s results on the P311, which is affectionately known as the “rumble strip” 25:07 which equates to 24mph over 10 pretty flat miles.

After snapping the frame on my Canyon Speedmax 2 or 3 weeks ago I got my new Canyon Speedmax on Tuesday. Thank you Canyon Germany and Canyon UK. I managed to get a Vankru bike fit on Wednesday, thanks Vankru and today was my first ride.

After a few days celebrating Sue’s birthday (that sounds like an excuse) ha-ha I rocked up this morning feeling pretty good. Saw and spoke to a few mates and enjoyed a few moments before I headed to the start a few moments away.

Once on the start I felt good but again no warm up which I seriously need to address, I always feel better and stronger after a few miles, but just 1 more thing to work on 😃. I headed for the start and my 08:22 time and after a pretty great start I headed out feeling ok. I was planning to stick to around 300 watts but that never happened, I was feeling far too comfortable today. The first 5 miles was pretty straightforward albeit underpowered. I never saw another cyclist apart from those returning on the second half. At 5 miles I headed into the roundabout and that was my first time out of my tt tubes, which I am delighted about because in the few races I have done, that’s the one thing I have struggled with. The roundabout once again felt LONG 😃 but it was well marshalled so heading out I felt pretty good.

Again I headed back towards the finish feeling far too comfortable. After a couple of miles I passed the rider who set off a couple of minutes in front of me and again a few moments later another, To be honest that in itself is not a judge of how I am doing but I also never got passed so that’s a better judge for me.

I kept focused and raced on towards the finish line. First Speedmax ride of 2017 finished, best of all I stayed in the tubes for teh whole 10 miles (apart from the roundabout) thats a first for me.

Initially I was really disappointed at 25:07. I was expecting sub 24 but as Forest Gump would say S**t happens 😃 and I will ride again soon…..

Some of my JPCC team mates did amazing but I will post about that over on the JPCC blog in a few days once results are out.

Im very pleased to have my speedmax back and am looking forward to a few miles to get used to her again.

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