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Canyon Endurace 10,000 mile review

It seems like forever ago but it was actually 2 years ago this month that I purchased my first road bike as an adult and my decision led me to where I am now and a bike barn full of bikes.  I decided to take my friend Tamsyn’s advice and go for a pre-bike fit which all sounded a bit odd to me but having been injured running for the previous year I was willing to try anything.  I went along to meet Garth at Vankru Cycling, Who I am now an Ambassador for (you can read all about our relationship here) and had my pre-bike fit. I met Garth and Graham, who is incidentally designing the cycling kit for my new club and team at, such a small world.   After my fit Garth offered me brand advice,  I was hell bent on an orange Specialized Tarmac haha that’s so funny looking back,  2 of my choices was GA Cycles who has since become a great friend to me and Canyon bikes. I obviously chose Canyon and more precisely the Canyon Endurace CF 9.0.

5 Canyons later and more money than I care to think about and it’s fair to say that I am hooked!  I love everything Canyon and thank Garth (and my lucky stars) that I chose that route, I have a fantastic relationship with Canyon, both the CEO in Germany Roman who is an absolute gent and my awesome contact Nick in London who literally has changed cycling for me this past year.

Anyway back to my Endurace. As of last night, I have cycled over 10,000 miles on her. I have cycled up mountains and through all sorts of torrential rain and she just keeps going. For the first year, this was my only bike so it got used in all weathers and it’s been amazing. I have changed the wheels to a set of carbon clinchers, I have changed the gear cables and the brake hoods, The saddle and tyres and pads but other than that she is like new. I am about to change the cables again in readiness for Winter and I will also change the headset bearings which are a bit crunchy.

Aside from a couple of small “user error” scratches, she is still like new. Honestly, she still looks like the day I unboxed her. She rides along almost as fast as my Aeroad and I can happily maintain 20mph on her and she is as comfortable as an armchair 🙂 ok maybe not quite that comfortable!  I have ridden 145 miles in one go as well as many 100 mile rides, I do many 50 mile rides on her. She is my #2 road bike next to my Aeroad and I use her in anything weatherwise if it looks iffy, or dark, I will not bolt lights to my Aeroad 🙂

All in all, she is the perfect all rounder stiff, fast and comfortable and not something many bikes can offer. If I had to have just 1 bike then this would be right up on my list.

I will no doubt upgrade to an Endurace CF SLX Disk over the next few months but that’s only because I want a fast competitive disk bike for the fast rides in the wet and because they look gorgeous 🙂 but I doubt I will ever get rid of my beautiful Endurace.

Cheers and happy cycling


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