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Canyon AEROAD CF SLX 9.0 LTD Review

Back on Christmas eve my beautiful canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 LTD was delivered and shortly afterwards fitted and ready to ride but obviously the weather has been pants so I have only just got around to a few rides. I am sure if this was my only summer biker I would have ridden it sooner but its my #1 summer bike and will be kept for better weather for the time being.

I reckon it takes a hundred miles or so to see how the fit works and by fit I mean things like saddle comfort and the stem being slammed etc because as with my previous bikes I have 100% faith in Vankru for fitting the bike to me.

After my first 17 mile ride I noticed a few things about the Aeroad, its fast and responsive and the front end very twitchy which for a few miles I thought was a negative, I also noticed every lump and bump in the road it was like being back in the cosworth days in fact it rattled my rear light loose which made me rethink and but a Fixik fitted one that goes under the seat in a special slot.

Ok so after a couple months waiting the Di2 was showing 60% so I happily headed off for my first ride which just happened to be on a mega windy day in the New Forest. As I said earlier this ride was only 17 miles but that was enough to get me going and to test the gears and brakes as well as the fit.  The first thing I noticed was just how light and twitchy the front end was and to be quite honest that scared the crap out of me for a couple miles but I soon goto used to taming the beast. The nest issue was getting used to the superb Dura Ace Di2 which quite simply is amazing and literally a gentle tough changes gear which is ace but also resulted in me not having a bloody clue what gear I was in quite a few times haha. The Aeroad is so sleek and quiet I genuinely never knew where I was gear wise, I spent a lot of the 17 miles in the small gear ring which is something I rarely do. Lastly I noticed just how racey it felt and how I could feel the road which was awesome.

The first ride was short and sharp and windy too, I averaged 19.9 mph and could have gone harder easily but this ride was all about trying things out.

OK things to change after the first ride.

I changed my Garmin screen to show me what gear I am currently in, this is a feature I had previously mocked but trust me its great. Then I put on a new light after my Cateye rattled loose (thankfully I heard and found it) the new light is a Fizik/cateye light that clips into the saddle and so far so very good, the only downside is its AA battery but that does not worry me too much, its small neat and looks fab on the Aeroad.  Other than that I changed nothing.

The second ride was a 40 miler into Beaulieu with my good friend and awesome athlete Faith. (faith Cripps go on google her she is amazing)  We set off and rode and chatted at a pretty decent 18 mph average with a few sprints up the hills which the Aeroad coped very well with. Again I noticed the twitchy front end but today was different, I loved it, grew fond of it and almost teased it to be twitchy because thats when I saw just how responsive she could be. The acceleration is amazing and apart from anything else the Zipp 404 firestrikes look and sound absolutely breathtaking and literally were turning heads.  I spent most of todays 40 in a very comfortable position trying out the brakes etc whist in the comfortable “hill climbing” position. but when I went down in the drops she comes alive and I am NOT exaggerating when I say its a different beast, the twitchy front end transforms into an uber responsive jet fighter and the rear just follows its like mechanical doping on steroids 🙂 the sprint shifters make gear changing easy when in the drops racing and the aggressive race geometry is like WOW 2 or 3 times Faith and I raced and unusually a couple times I actually got the better of her, that does not mean a lot until you know her but trust me she is awesome and this means a lot to me. The braking on the Zipp’s is an area I was worried about because my Mavic Carbon wheels are not great but these Zipp 404’s are outstanding and it genuinely feels like disks but looks O so better. The seating position was near perfect and the Fixik R3 Arione saddle is gorgeous and moving around on it as I do it flawless too.

OK things to change after the second ride.

Nothing. This was a dream ride and she is amazing, handles beautifully and is responsive and very stiff.

Ride 3 was my best ride yet, 50 hard fast miles and she handled like a race car. I left home at 9am amid the rush hour traffic so the first few miles were slowish but I noticed straight away it was quite windy but even the side winds did not bother me today because I was ready and expecting them. I met with a couple of my faster mates and we headed off, I quickly realised it was going to be a faster ride but that somehow worked, The Aeroad took it all in her stride. The Zipp wheels just purred as I pounded them through the New Forest and I loved it. half way through the rain started and to my amazement the Continental tt tyres were grippy and responsive even on wet roads but what was even more of a shocker was the braking, it was amazing just like in the dry I was actually amazed.  I played a lot today with the gears and I can honestly say this Dura Ace is amazing, the Di2 is pure brilliance and when in the drops the sprint shifters work a charm. Silent and potentially deadly to the competition 😉 I genuinely love everything about this bike. It feels, looks, sounds and acts like the thoroughbred that Canyon have created.  I managed 18.7 over 50 very wet and very windy miles today.

I chose the top of the range Aeroad (another shocker) NOT ! but they are all awesome both in spec and value. I could go on and on but I would sound like a broken record 🙂

Next bike hopefully a Speedmax 😉

Roman Arnold you and your team are genius……Thank you.