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Bike security a taboo subject or something to discuss

I hate reading about bikes being stolen and I hate talking about bike security but I thought I would post this anyway.

Ok its no surprise that I have 4 very expensive bikes and soon to be 5 and Bicycle security has always been high on my radar so when I designed my Bike Barn I built it with security in mind before everything else and today I want to give a few tips about where I store my bikes and how.

Firstly I know a lot of people store there bikes in the house or shed but I will give you a brief description of my Bike Barn.  Its a double skin construction with everything glued and screwed and then ringshank nails on a brick and concrete base with a solid bonded roof. No windows and a high security door with 3 deadbolts and security hinges. So in short pretty safe.  It has CCTV connected to our house and studio and a standalone monitored alarm as well as a secondary silent alarm connected to the house. But today I wanted to talk more about actually bike security.

I spent many years in construction before I was a full time photographer so not only do I know what works and what does not I also spent many years securing things that cost many thousands more than my bikes. The general feeling has always been “good lock better ground anchor”  Ground anchor meaning whatever you chain the bike too.

CHAIN 1     I have chemically bonded ground anchors that are bonded into the concrete floor and also 2 into the walls and around these I have Almax 19mm security chains designed for motorbikes and for static overnight security, where weight is not a consideration, Each chain weighs more than my bikes but at no time does any chain touch or rest on my carbon frames 🙂 I have a rather clever system for that which I am happy to discuss on a one-2-one basis.

CHAIN 2   Each bike also has a solid gold D lock which is quick and easy to fit, again on my top 2 bikes this does not touch the carbon frame but hangs to protect it and is wrapped around a 2.5? steel pole that is filled with rebar and concrete for extra security. I call these my main bars and have 2 of them, one each side.

CHAIN 3 and 4  Each bike also has a 2 wheel chains again this wraps the Main bar and is 18mm and a solid gold lock.

high tech  Each of my bikes have DataTag which is concealed UV markings and a national register and also soon a trackable chip which I am currently looking into for the top ⅔ bikes 

I know that given time a thief  could steal my bikes but I have internal CCTV plus an awesome internal siren connected to the main alarm plus external and honestly I cant stand anywhere near it for a few seconds,  I am also confident that anyone trying would wreck my bikes and come away with nothing and that includes the wheels which is just fine by me I have insurance.

Lastly I have a “scary” little sign on the Bike Barn door which in itself would stop most people. 🙂

One of the benefits of being dragged up in Shirley Warren is you get to know a whole lot about security, mostly low tech but when all goes wrong its the low tech we need.

If you have to leave your bikes in your house or cheaper shed then the ideal thing is to buy a long Almax chain and chain them all together and include around anything you can. in the house it could be pipework and in the shed lawn mowers ANYTHING 🙂

I had a security consultation which I do often coz on my cameras and am happy to share anything on a One-2-One with anyone O know well.

Good luck and keep secure peeps



P.s I have absolutely nothing to do with Almax security chains just a happy client