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AEROAD CF SLX 9.0 LTD 500 mile review

Ok its fair to say that I am quite vocal about my bikes and none more so than my beautiful stealth Aeroad and todays ride saw me pass 500 miles on her so I thought I would update my thoughts here to maybe help those of you who are considering one and generally bore the rest of you just a little bit more…..

Firstly and most surprisingly for me is the comfort of it. I have done several 60+ miler’s and its a joy to ride comfort wise, I love the Fizik Arione R3 Saddle so much that I brought a couple more for my other road bikes its like being sat in an armchair, a sleek sharp armchair haha. I also think the 25mm rear tyre and 23mm front helps too. But mostly I think the aggressive geometry suits my riding style and is what is helping me improve my cycling and comfort.

Second and MOST important is the speed, OMG this thing simple fly’s along and keeps asking for more of me and of course I am happy to deliver. My PB’s have gone from strength to strength and I have knocked minutes off my times over and over again, not seconds, minutes 🙂 my 40km PB was 1:14:56 when I got the Aeroad and today it stands at 1:07:38 and bearing in mind the wind of late thats amazing and on the up all the time. I am cycling one of my normal 57 mile routes in absolutely awful winds and still averaging 19:6mph and trust me this is not a fast route and would have been a 17’s for sure. Once I sit on the Aeroad my heart starts to wake up and I know I am in for a fun ride. Once up to speed the bike takes over and goes into “canyon mode” just sucking up the tarmac which is helped by the super fast Zipp 404 firestrikes wheel set and the super responsive frame make handling a dream even on our New Forest roads with their sharp tight corners. On my other 2 road bikes I have Continental GP4000’s ll tyres and I swear by them but the Aeroad came with Continental Grand Prix TT tyres 23mm front and 25mm rear and they are amazing, very sleek without any tread at all or pattern but very fast and sticky too. Braking once again is absolutely spot on almost as good as the disks on my Inflite and again in the wet they are spot on. Another surprise for me are the sprint shifters which I use to change gear when down in the drops, they are amazing, One side changes up and the other down and when racing and sprinting these are just awesome and the slightest touch from any direction works, Genius 🙂

This is my 3rd road bike so the plan was racing and special occasions haha but as predicted by my pal Lou Otway I rarely want to take anything else out now 🙂  If its raining I will still take my Inflite or Endurace and if I am going out with slower friends on a social I will take the Endurace or indeed if its super windy but other than that this is my blue sky ride. But……So far I have ridden her in the rain, sleet, hail and snow and all in April 🙂 its been crazy weather here but I am pleased to say (and not surprised) that she handled like a dream.

 I am so pleased I brought this bike its absolutely awesome and attracts interest everywhere I go. Its a proper stealth bike that looks like a jet fighter and its turned me into a bit of a competitive cyclist which is a complete shocker to me but secretly I am quite enjoying it.

My next purchase from Canyon will be either a Speedmax or an Ultimate, I quite fancy an Ultimate for some serious hill cycling but who knows what next year will bring…