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A caffeine kind of day….24 hours

I recently had a message from a good friend George asking me about my recent performences out cycling and asked about a “typical day” and asked if I would write a blog post, so I thought I would 🙂

Firstly a little info, I am 18 days away from my 54th birthday and 5 years ago I was 18 stone 8lb and diabetic WHO DID NOT DO MUCH. This morning I weighed in at 12 stone 4lb and thats about 12lb heavier than I should be 🙂 but its 2 thirds through our wedding season and I always struggle with emotional eating.  I am no longer diabetic thanks to my amazing Dr, and diet exercise on my part which nowadays consists of cycling about 1000 miles a month.

Ok so back to today. As part of my diet/lifestyle I do every other day Caffeine free, this is totally a personal choice and today is a caffeine day 🙂  I really should control this better to work with race days…….But I’m crap haha


Up at 7am for a large coffee and a pint of water. Then a cup of tea and 4 toasted crumpets with full butter. I don’t use any low fat products ever.

9am. Out for my daily ride. Todays was 38 ish miles and very windy but I worked hard after an easy week and averaged 21:6mph and anyone that knows my route would be chuffed/impressed with that.  I stopped in the bakehouse for a cuppa but just tea no cake 🙂   Pint of semi skimmed milk and a pint of water when I got home. I really enjoyed todays ride, I generally do the fast ones.  I also got a KOM which is a bonus.

11:30 A shower and then lunch which was a ham sandwich on crusty wholemeal bread with butter and mustard followed by a fresh pear.

12:30 off to the studio. Worked until about 4pm shooting a newborn and editing yesterdays. Then off to tomorrows wedding venue to check a few things out. (Not that I need to say this but I also do quite a lot of work early in the morning both editing, chatting with clients and blogging as well as evenings like now)

3pm  Snack of a measured handful of nuts about 200 calories.

5:30 dinner. Home made spaghetti Bolognese with a homemade undressed salad and then Banana in greek yoghurt (full fat)

Out in the garden for a while and then cutting the grass before back into the lounge at 8pm.

Other than mentioned here I drank about 6 pints of water during the day and 2 or 3 cups of tea.

Well thats it, I cycled for 2 hours ish, I walked about 9000 steps and ate a pretty normal day. Yesterday was much the same but without caffeine and salmon and pasta for dinner 🙂

I hope you find this interesting George mate 🙂

I am so proud that I managed to get my life in order even if it did take an awesome wife and 49 years. I often wonder what would have happened if I got on a bike at 18 🙁 but I am so very happy doing what I do and can keep up with most 18 year olds anyway haha…..

Feel free to ask any questions about my diabetes or diet or anything really