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9000 miles or 14500 km and counting…….

Ok so after a bout of illness which I now believe might have been a strain of Glandular fever and was horrible for 2 weeks,  I am well and truly back in the saddle and am enjoying my rides again. I had plenty os strength whilst I was poorly but no enthusiasm so I never rode much at all which made a huge dent in my challenge.

Today tho I passed the 9000 miles (14500km) so I thought I would write a post to mark the occasion. Today’s ride was nothing special, in fact I am trying to slow myself down a little in preparation for my training/coaching which should start very soon. I am quite happy riding everywhere at 20/22mph but I am sure that’s not the best way to get faster, so, for now, I am trying to have a few slower “recovery” days then a few faster days and its working out quite well because I feel fresh today after almost 300 miles so far this week.

Illness aside its been an awesome year so far, I am getting faster and more confident with my racing, I am sort of looking forward to my winter riding and have set myself a “November challenge” so that  I cycle every day in November much like I did in January apart from in November my minimum distance will be 40 miles, so wish me luck! If anyone wants to join me please keen an eye on my facebook page JP Cycling.

I have LOTS of comments about my cycling, distance, speed and time in the saddle and I always answer the same way, I put it all down to great bikes (thank you Canyon) and more importantly my relationship with Vankru Performance Cycling.  2 years ago I started cycling and have covered quite a few miles and all of them injury free and all of that thanks to Garth from Vankru. I often send him stupid messages “can I adjust this” “can I tweak that” and always without exception, I get a reply, the same reply everytime “Ummm NO”  haha thankfully I listen and my cycling has benefited.

So get out, buy a bike, preferably a Canyon 🙂 but importantly get a bike fit, If you’re lucky enough to live within a couple of hours from Hampshire then Garth or Mark and Vankru are the people to see, state of the art equipment and great people.

So a huge thank you to all my friends that have cycled with me this year, all those that plan to 🙂 A massive thank you to Canyon Germany and Canyon UK for the support you have given me and massive thank you to Garth and Vankru Performance Cycling for believing in me and continually pushing me and of course as always my amazing gorgeous wife Sue, without whom none of this would even be worth doing.

For the remainder of the year, I have a few miles left in me so watch this space, I was planning on a 10,000-mile goal but all going well will reach that soon. I hope to start proper coaching/training with Vankru too which is the most exciting news so far, I also want to get out on my Speedmax when I can in preparation for next season.