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2016 in the saddle

2016 was my second year cycling and after last years 7316 miles I knew I was hooked more so than I ever was running (sorry LRR) This year saw a whole host of new challenges and I thought I would write a blog post to record and celebrate some of those.

My year started, as it generally does with January 🙂 but this year I decided to challenge myself to a 31-day challenge and ride every single day, sure enough, I was warned off this idea but sure enough, I ignored that and carried on 🙂  I rode through everything covering over 1400 wet, icy and very windy miles, but I did it 🙂 and it was a fab way to start 2016.


I thought I would need a rest after that but instead something weird happened, I started to “really need” my saddle time and even better I realised I was getting faster!  My average ride for 2015 was 16:5 mph which is none too shabby over 7300 miles. This year I was improving at a pace. I came out of this winter and into the spring and my rides were averaging 18, 19 and close to 20mph and I was well and truly hooked. In fact, my year’s average was a very impressive 18mph and that includes the miles to and from the NF which are anything but fast on the cycle paths and lee lanes, not to mention the chill worth climb every day 🙂

No training at all saw me cycling just around 1000 miles a month and my averages creeping up and by the end of the summer I could do my regular 40-mile ride on any given day on my Aeroad with an average of 21mph often higher so I was/am delighted.

As the summer came to an end I managed to get myself yet another new bike, my Canyon (of course) speedmax tt bike and I entered a few end of season tt’s. I think I found my place in cycling racing and I am so happy. I did a few races, did very well for an old fart and very much look forward to 2017 when I have a few quite important goals for my tt racing.

Into the winter again and back on the Inflite but after a couple weeks I was hit by illness and had about 2 or 3 weeks with very little cycling 🙁  for the first time since January 1st I was below my target. October I picked up but again early Nov was not great for a few days, Thankfully by the end of Nov I am fighting fit and back 200 miles ahead of pace at around 11200. Just 800 to GOAL…

One of the many exciting things that happened this year was being appointed The Ambassador for Vankru Performance Cycling. This will change my cycling in many ways. Mainly because as we start next year I plan to start my coaching with Vankru so for the first time ever I will have a guide and my cycling will become focused. I am so excited.

I also have BIG news from Canyon. But that will have to wait until 2017 for an announcement 🙂

I have so many people to thank for my Epic year. Firstly my cycling buddies, all of you are amazing, the #DHCwankers, I love you all, well most of you 🙂 thank you for allowing me to tag along on the odd ride. Faith Fisher, honestly where would I be without you, my cycling hero. I’m sad we no longer ride together I really am. But I am aware that things move on and I am happy for you, One day maybe we can ride together again 🙂 Paul Lockyer, Mate words cannot express how much you have done for me, dragging me around the forest making me work bloody hard 🙂 You are just an amazing cyclist and a great friend, I am forever grateful despite the fact that you ride a spez!!!!!. Dave the spread, you are a great cycling buddy and we always put the world to right and Aran Stanton, we don’t cycle together nearly enough but you encourage and inspire me daily 🙂  The JPP group you are all awesome. Far too many to mention but, if we ride together then you know I am grateful and I am sure I have told you that 🙂

People that have helped me cycle but not cycling 🙂  Garth and Mark at Vankru, thanks, guys, WE JUST FIT !!!!   Roman, Ward, Nick and Fiedi at Canyon, What can I say about you guys but a MASSIVE thank you for all you have done for me, for believing in me and inspiring me. Thanks also to all the Canyon Krew I have gotten to know this year. Its been AWESOME.  Gary Allen my Bike repair guru, Thanks mate for some great rides and even better repairs haha 🙂

Biggest thanks, of course, go to my long-suffering wife Sue. Quite simply, I love you and could not live without you in any way shape or form.

To close this year I decided to do the Rapha 500, basically 500K between Christmas eve and New Year’s Eve, Challange accepted and completed 🙂 to be honest 500k (310 miles) is a good but not unusual week for me. I often reach 350 miles, occasionally 380 miles so no big deal but again thanks to my awesome wife I was inspired to ride over the holidays and make up the miles.

So a few numbers from 2016……..

Thank you all again, I could not have done it without you. X