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My fitness story and how I lost almost 8 stone (112 lb) and reversed Diabetes!

I thought this would be a good place to tell my story and to explain why I may seem obsessed with my running and cycling, hopefully after reading this you will understand and also it might just help somebody with their fitness and weight loss goals as well as help any health issues.

Back on June 29th 2011 I was told that I was type 2 diabetic which was a bit of a blow because we had just finished a magazine shoot for diabetes UK and it was a horrific story so it really hit home to me, the poor chap who was otherwise healthy and a very avid walker lost his leg below the knee because of a simple accident and diabetes related problems.

So I decided that I needed a severe lifestyle change. I already suffered from Hypertension and Asthma and Hypertension and Diabetes is a bad mix, I weighed 17 stone 8lb (246lb) which for me was lighter than I had been for a while as well, my average weight over the last couple years had been just over 18 stone (252 lb) thanks to what I called the “good life” but in reality was a massive over indulgence on my part. I am a social photographer which involves weddings and parties and I used to eat at every wedding rich fried and very calorific food. I also used to mix cocktails for Sue and I most nights which was a fab hobby but again a very calorific one that ultimately had to stop.

3 years later I weigh just under 11 stone which is perfect race weight for me, I did get down to 10 stone but it was a tad too light. We have a fab life and still eat very well, we often eat out and most months enjoy a very nice afternoon tea at a nice hotel so keeping fit does not hamper a fun and foodie life style.

I hope you enjoy my story and hopefully you will follow my updates by clicking on my website below to follow my races and general fitness updates.

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